Top sirloin cap in parsley and green onion butter is a recipe made to innovate the preparation of one of the favorite cuts of barbecue lovers. A barbecue classic, the top sirloin cap is always treated like a star.

Parsley and green onion butter, which is the special side dish to the recipe below, highlights the flavor and juiciness of the meat. How about surprising your guests with this explosion of flavor? Shall we?

Yield: 6 servings


– 1 Top sirloin cap of approximately 1 Kg

– 250 grams of butter w/ salt

– 100 grams of garlic w/o skin

– 1 bunch of parsley

– 1 bunch of green onions

– 1 pinch (full) of Ajinomoto [monosodium glutamate]

– Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Beat in the processor: Parsley, green onions, garlic and Ajinomoto. Add the butter and beat until very creamy. Put the whole mixture in the freezer for 15 minutes. Cut the top sirloin cap in slices the width of 2 fingers and sprinkle salt to taste. Place the slices on a (hot) grill to bake for 3min30sec on each side. Then serve the top sirloin cap with the parsley and green onion butter on top (a tablespoon).