Like previous years, Frigorífico Barra Mansa promoted yesterday, the 24th, the delivery of warm clothing to the Social Fund for Solidarity in Sertãozinho, based on an on-site campaign that had the participation of employees.

The official delivery took place on the premises of the Social Fund for Solidarity deposit. It was attended by the institute’s president and secretary of Social Assistance and Citizenship, Tatiane Cristina Pereira Guidoni, by the councilor Acácio Tobias – one of the promoters of the action, and by Andrei Gustavo dos Santos, who is an Occupational Nursing Technician and company representative.

A totality of 1,055 pieces of clothing and 60 pairs of shoes were collected by Frigorífico Barra Mansa employees. Such items will be subsequently sent to families registered in the social programs of the Municipal Secretariat for Social Assistance and Citizenship. “We have always promoted this campaign within the company, and each time is a success”, commented Andrei.

Tatiane Guidoni and Acácio Tobias also praised the employees’ behavior and kindness in general: “We are immensely happy to have people so committed to helping others”, said the councilor.

“We appreciate the contribution and ask God’s blessing to be upon all these people for such a gesture. I am sure that the people receiving these pieces will be happy and thankful”, concluded Tatiane, while folding some pieces and being surprised by the quality of one of the garments, a black circle skirt with discreet stripes in gold: “How beautiful this piece is. Such great quality!”, she added.

According to information from the Social Fund for Solidarity, more than 22,000 items have been currently collected in this year’s Campanha do Agasalho.